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General Tips on Ingredients for Green Smoothie Recipes and Other Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Many people are a bit confused about the term, “green smoothie.” With the recent popularity of both green tea and matcha, some people mistakenly believe that green smoothie recipes include matcha or other green tea. This is not the case. Green smoothies got their name because of, obviously, their color, but also because they use fresh, raw greens.

Some common green smoothie recipes include kale and spinach as well as other green, often leafy vegetables. Hemp is another common ingredient. In order to enhance the flavor of a green smoothie, fruit is generally also added. In fact, you can use your favorite fruit smoothie recipes and add some green vegetables to them and they will be a green smoothie. Just be sure to leave out the sugar or other sweeteners.

Healthy smoothie recipes should never contain sugar, honey, or other sugar additives. Fruit and fruit juices are generally enough to sweeten a smoothie on their own.

Perhaps the best way to incorporate green smoothies into your workout or diet regimen is to start with easy recipes such as spinach blueberry. Berries are a great addition because they are high in anti-oxidants and have a low glycemic index. Spinach is also packed with anti-oxidants as well as a variety of vitamins, minerals, and vitamins such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and manganese.

The majority of green and fruit smoothies are really simple to make. They require a blender and fresh fruit and veggies, some water or fruit juice, and ice if desired. You can mix up a large batch to last a day or two but generally, it is recommended that they be drank as fresh as possible to ensure that your body receives all of the vitamins and minerals.

Making a smoothie is also a great treat to do with children. Just make sure that if your kids are really young that they only make smoothies when you or another adult is present to help them use the blender or food processor. Engage your kids in the smoothie making process by asking them what they want to put into the smoothie. You can also have them garnish your smoothie, (and their own), by picking out some fresh fruit slices or pieces to place on top.

There are many ways to make smoothies but it is best to start with a recipe book and experiment from there and losing weight with these drinks is now very popular.

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